I am helping to deliver anesthesia to a patient. I am controlling her consciousness. I am the all powerful overseer, except for the actual anesthesiologist, who is standing next to me, watching everything I do, looking nervous. He wants me to give her the fentanyl. That’s pretty simple. Except it comes in that weird glass vial. Which is totally fine. This doesn’t phase me. I’ve seen this done before. There’s a groove in the glass and you just snap it and it breaks perfectly into two even pieces. Okay just apply some pressure… alright it’s broken into thirty pieces. That’s okay, it’s probably still usable. Except that now my hand is bleeding. Maybe no one noticed? Although, bleeding in the OR all over the patient might be some kind of minor health violation. Time to come clean. “uh..” Raises bloody glove hand. 

Alright, slight hiccup. I am no longer in charge of fentanyl, and I now have a Disney princess band-aid on my finger. Which is fine. I’m not embarrassed. I’m sure no one thinks less of me for this. They put me in this corner so I can see better. It’s definitely not because it’s further away from the patient..and the expensive equipment.. oh. I see.




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