I panic every time a physician I’m shadowing goes into a room with a patient and shuts the door without inviting me in. What the fuck am I supposed to do now. Does he expect me to follow him in? Will he be pissed if I do come in? will he be pissed if I don’t come in? Did he just forget that I’m here? (probably). I could obviously just knock and enter, and then if he doesn’t want me there he’ll just let me know, and I’ll have completed a normal human interaction. But also, what if he’s decided to start some kind of spontaneous vaginal exam on the patient. What if I open the door just at the moment that she is exposing herself and a parade has decided to pass through the office. Now I’ve flashed this unsuspecting woman’s vagina to half the city. Yeah, I should probably just continue standing right outside the door. That’s not weird either.


3 thoughts on “Awkward medical student problems

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